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About Us

“I started this business as a pet project in March 2017 after growing disillusioned with my day job as a financial¬† adviser. I was just tired of working with numbers all day and needed to give utterance to my creative abilities. Eazi-Web was born! I developed such a passion for creating beautiful websites and helping people, that I soon had a bunch of equally passionate people working with me! Its great to love what you do and wake up every day eager to add value! We have fun every day and its true what they say: If you truly love what you do, you never work a day in your life!” – Lance Heynes – CEO

Lance Heynes - Business Developer

I started web designing as a hobby three years ago and today, thanks to the help of great online tools such as WordPress, our hobby has grown to a fully fledged business.

My real value comes in what I learned in my 30 year career helping people with their business from a business panning perspective.

Because of my experience, training and background, I can help businesses gain real value from working with us and grow their businesses through our innovation.

Gabby Les Content Creator

Hi my name is Gabby Les. I joined Lance together with my husband a year ago having worked in the digital marketing agency for over 15 years

Together with the guidance of Lance, we helped create value for countless clients and we get great satisfaction out of our work.

Its great when your work is also your hobby and we spend countless hours perfecting our customers’ website designs

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